Jan 25 2012

Keeping the faith

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It seems to me that no matter how much I don’t want to go back to work and leave my son, that’s the one thing I will have to be doing shortly. Ben is growing so fast, though I don’t always notice it, since I see him every day, but he already can’t wear his preemie footie clothing because he is too long for them. His little legs always have to stay bunched up while he wears them, and since he’s supposed to be stretching his legs out, I can’t put him in them. He still fits the preemie onies that he has, and slowly fitting his newborn clothes.

As the day draws closer to Feb. 6, I cannot help but feel upset and sad. I don’t want to leave Ben, and unless something drastic changes, I will have to return to work. Money is already becoming tight, so returning to work will help that. meilleur site achat viagra I actually miss walking and getting some exercise in, so that will be a plus, and my job wasn’t bad. I don’t mind working. Actually, to tell the truth, not working is driving me crazy. But, I will continue to look for an at home job, so I can be with my son and still work. At the moment, I am looking into tutoring. I love math and English, so why not use what I am good at to help other people. I can’t help people from Kindergarten to people in college. I’m not exactly sure how to get started, but I will make it through somehow.

If I knew how to make money writing on my blog, I would do that as well. I have also been working on a story about Egypt. That is when Ben lets me stop reading about Egypt. šŸ™‚ Traveling to Egypt might help with the story, but getting it started feels great. Who knows, I might finish it, and then wait to get it published until I actually get to see Egypt and fix it up a bit. I want to take Ben to see all the places we have been reading about, to travel the Nile, to see Tut’s tomb, see Ramesses II’s mummy, and so much more! Someday, I will make it to all these different places, it will just take time and faith.

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Jan 18 2012

The joys of motherhood

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I just put my son down in his bed and my arms suddenly feel empty. Ben isn’t quite a month old yet and I hate the thought of leaving him to go back to work. I just love being here when he wakes up, the feel of him in my arms, hearing the sounds he makes in his sleep, feeding him and suddenly having my cat, Padme, curl up on my lap next to him… the list is just endless. Sure, there are some things I don’t enjoy all the time, but nothing is perfect. There isn’t a part of life that is perfect for anyone. If someone tells you anything different, they are most likely lying to you.

I only have a few short weeks left before I have to go back to work and I know that they are going to fly by. How does one expect me to be able to get up and know that I have to leave my son with someone else and be able to concentrate on my job? Not be able to look at his adorable little face for eight hours? I don’t even have set hours and that is going to kill me! Maybe it would be better for me if I knew that I would work a set schedule, but at Goodwill, I work different hours every day and every week. Working at Goodwill isn’t a bad thing, it’s not the job that I hate, it’s the thought of leaving Ben.

I love the thought of being able to stay here all day, with a work schedule that I set, and know that Ben is only an arm’s reach away. Being here when he learns to roll over, to crawl, here his first attempts to talk…

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Oct 01 2010

Moving AGAIN!

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Three months after we first move to Maumee, Tony and I are moving again.! It is time for us to have Ā a place of our own again, and though it was hard to find a place that would except four cats, we found a couple. We are still close to my family and I love the place. And…not only will Tony and I have a place to ourselves once again, we will finally be on the same shift! After three months of never seeing my husband except for a few hours a day because of opposite shifts, we have been put on the same shift. It might Ā have had something to do with me telling theĀ supervisorĀ that we were moving and that we only had one car.

Tomorrow is the big moving day, we have gotten most of our stuff back into boxes. Well, what we had unpacked. Most of our things were put into storage, since we are currently staying with my sister and her husband. My cats and their animals are not getting along very well, even after three months! Padme, the baby of our family, has gained a lot of weight since we moved here. She has started eating so much Ā more since we moved in and we think it’s because she is stressed and that she is eating more also because one of the dogs keeps eating her kitty food! She has to save her food from the “stupid” dog! šŸ™‚ Once we move, we are tinking about having set food time to see if that helps, if it doesn’t get any better.

Finishing the packing and then heading to bed is the goal once Tony gets home. Too bad, I won’t have internet for a week. Hope to get back on and find plenty of support from my friends! šŸ™‚

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Sep 24 2010

Season Premiere

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Tonight is the seasonĀ premiereĀ of Ā CSI: New York. There is about half an hour left before it starts and I am dreading and anticipating it at the same time. Last season they ended it with a shot ringing out during a black screen! Who was shot and was baby Lucy all right are the top questions I need answered and I know that with this episode, my questions will be answered, but with this episode, I will see how my favorite character, Stella, is being written out of the show. She decided she didn’t want to do another season, to be able to spend more time with her family. I get all of that, but she was my favorite character and I don’t want her to leave the show! The person they have coming in to be her replacement I don’t really know. I have only seen her in the Fugitive and that was for about five minutes, because she was the wife who was killed.

Of course, she isn’t going to be Stella. They have come up with a new character, but being second in command to Mac? No one will do the job as well as Stella. She was Mac’s best friend, his trusted co-worker, his confident. And now she is going to be gone! Who is Mac going to be able to turn to now? I think it will be either Flack or Danny, most likely Flack. I will watch the show, but not until Tony gets home. I am going to record it and then once Tony gets home, we’ll watch it together. I hope it’s still good without Stella!

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Aug 31 2010

Missing Out!

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I have signed up as a fan on Zahi Hawass’ website. For anyone who doesn’t know, Zahi Hawass is currently the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities over in Egypt and is still active at dig sites in so many places around Egypt. I have been watching his show on the History Channel, Chasing Mummies. It is great show and I watch it every week.

To get back to where I started. I signed up as a fan on his site. He keeps blogs, what he has found, events, what he’s writing (books) and press releases. Well, since signing up for all of that, I have received many emails about all this new stuff that he is doing. Well, yesterday, I received an email and it said that on September 25, Zahi Hawass was going to be in Los Angeles and one of the Chasing Mummies episodes was going to be shown on the big screen. Not only that, but afterwards, there is going to be a question and answer session with Zahi Hawass! Ugh, and I can’t go!

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Aug 26 2010

Family Ties

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People seem to be very interested in Tut. Not that I mind answering those questions, but questions don’t have to just be about Tut. My sister has asked to know more about Tut’s family, and apparently she wants to know everything! šŸ™‚ Of course, I won’t write about everything, but I will try to put the important things in and if there are any specific questions about his family, I will try to answer those as well.

Tut was born into royalty and one of the children of Pharaoh Akhenaten and most likely his wife, Kiya. Kiya may have been Tut’s mother, but she was not Akhenaten’s chief wife. Tut’s stepmother, Nefertiti, was Akhenaten’s chief wife. Not is known about Kiya or Nefertiti. After the reign of Ay (He ruled after Tut and might have been Nefertiti’s father), Horemheb (one of Akhenaten’s generals) took the throne and decided to erase Akhenaten and his family from history. Thankfully, he didn’t erase everything, but he tried. Some historians think that Horemheb married Nefertiti’s sister, Mutnojmet, which if that is true, Horemheb would be Tut’s step-Uncle. Talk about a little weird! šŸ™‚ After Horemheb, if he was indeed Tut’s step-uncle, Tut’s family’s reign was over.

Tut married his half-sister, Ankhesanamun. They had two still born children and they were later buried with their father. After Tut died, Ankhesanamun was married off to Ay. I do not think it was her choice, since she and Tut loved each other. But it certainly made Ay’s claim to the throne much more concrete. Besides being Tut’s grandfather, he would have married a queen as well! Royal blood always helps when trying to claim the throne.

Tut had at least six half-sisters and maybe a half-brother. People are sure if the Pharaoh who ruled for about a year after Akhenaten and before Tut was either Nefertiti or Tut’s older brother. Tut was about eight when he became Pharaoh. I think I answered most of the questions. If I missed any, I’m sorry. Just ask again and I will answer them.

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Aug 10 2010

Book idea

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I normally don’t do things like this, but since I have a blog, I might as well. I have decided what I want my first book to be and I have already started on the research.

I am going to write about Egypt! A young woman, early twenties, I think, is going to be touring Egypt and finds herself in Ancient Egypt. There she sees all the monuments in their glory and learns about Ramesses II and Nefertari. That’s all I’m giving up. So, any thoughts? Would anyone be interested in reading it? Of course, it could take years because of all the research to do.

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Aug 06 2010

Tut on display

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I was asked after my last post whether or not Tut’s body is on display anywhere. The answer is yes. Tut’s body is on display in his tomb, though whether that is open to the public right now or not, I am not very sure. I know that they had closed it to do some renovations, but whether or not it has been opened back up or not, I am not sure. When he officially went on display was back in 2007. At the moment, a replica of Tut’s body is touring with so many of his treasures from his tomb. I know I would love to see that exhibit, but I will neither be able to afford it or go to any of the places that are hosting it. Hoping for more questions! I love to research this topic!

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Aug 05 2010

King Tut’s death

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Tut was not, although it is believed by so many, was not murdered. At least not by a crack on the back of the head. I believe that the dent found in his head was caused by Carter and his team when they found Tut’s tomb. Basically, not caring about the mummy itself, Tut’s body was ripped apart when they searched for gold and jewelry.

Through DNA and CT scans, they have a pretty good idea on how Tut died. As of yesterday, people are saying that Tut most likely died from falling off his chariot, either during a battle or while he was out hunting. After his fall, he had hurt his leg and through that, he either died from malaria orĀ gangrene. It might have also been internal bleeding that caused his death. Either way, the scientists are convinced that he was not murdered. Though, if one thinks about it, the fall from his chariot might have not been an accident. Sure, it is possible it was, but on the other hand, if someone wanted Tut dead, making him fall off a chariot would be an easy way to do it and still say it was an accident. I am just reporting what the scientists are saying and then adding my thoughts to it. šŸ™‚ Hope this explained it for you and sorry it took so long!

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Jul 14 2010

Moved in

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I know that I haven’t written in about a month, but Tony and I have settled into my sister’s house, in a way. Most of our belongings are in

storage at the moment, since we really only have one room to put our stuff in. I know Emmy said we can put things in other parts of the room, but there still really isn’t much room. My cats have somewhat adjusted. They are getting there, but Padme and Grim are still trying to decide who is going to be in charge. None of my babies like the dogs very well. They prefer Oakly over Isaac, but than Isaac gets in their faces and whines. He also likes to herd them back into our bedroom. Beru and Darth seem to be accepting the dogs better than Wedge and Padme.

I am working at Midwest Tape with Emmy. Well, not exactly with her, since she is in the office and I’m working in the warehouse. There is no air condition in the warehouse, so it’s really hot, but I like what I am doing. I get to see so many different movies and walk around all day. I would hate to sit around all day. I get too fidgety. I do that sitting at the computer at home. I am always moving, getting up to move around before sitting back down. Tony doesn’t have a job yet, but we are being positive that he will find one soon. I know we are very thankful that Emmy and Bill are letting us stay here for now, but I know we both want a place of our own again.

If anyone has any more questions about Egypt, I will be answering those in my next blog.

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